Home Life

Cedar Valley Community Living provides customized care for each individual child that focuses on their unique gifts and strengths and ensures that they have a voice when developing plans related to their life.  In addition to learning everyday skills such as, cooking, cleaning, laundry and self care; the children we support also have the opportunity to explore different career paths and are given the opportunity to give back to the community by volunteering and gaining work experience. Home life at CVCL is positive and predictable and many different incentives are offered to make daily routines and tasks fun. For youth, we offer an environment that focuses on personal goal planning and skill development in preparation for independent living including access to educational opportunities and career counseling.

Supporting Children

Each child residing in a CVCL home is provided with wrap around support that is unique to their needs and life goals. At CVCL, we believe that by focusing on the child’s strengths we can support the child to develop life and social skills, build self-esteem and promote health and wellness. This process is led by the child and the important people in their life to ensure the family’s values and cultural teachings are preserved. CVCL can accommodate a sibling group or provide a one-on-one setting for an individual child or youth with complex needs. Collaboration is key to success and monthly Care Team Meetings are part of CVCL’s process to bring the child’s family and support network together. 

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